1911 Holster Owb – The Perfect Holster For The Perfect Gun


The 1911 gun has remained a public favorite for a long time. It has not changed much from 1911 when it was first developed by the US army to fulfill its need for having a self-loading pistol. It has served the longest in the military till it was replaced in 1986. However, it is still a collector’s first choice along with a perfect 1911 holster owb.

John browning the designer of this gun, originally designed it mainly for the military. This gun is a .45 caliber gun and could fire six thousand rounds with constant loading. However, this made the gun extremely hot. The solution to this was pretty easy. All you needed to do was dip it into the water and then it would cool down fast and you could use it again.

This entire process never made the gun jammed or stuck. Hence it was the army’s favorite during the Philippine-American war for a reason.

Now the 1911 holster owb that we see nowadays has some special features to it. They are listed below.

Special features of 1911 holster owb –

  • The holsters are all hand-molded for better retention and access.
  • It is perfect for one-handed holstering as the saddle leather construction keeps the holster open.
  • Comfortable EDC is ensured all day due to the perfect contoured design
  • The 1911 holster owb is double stitched so that the durability is taken care of.
  • The width of the belt loops and slots for stability is ensured.
  • The color of the holster is specially hand-dyed to give it a special luxurious deep color.

You can find all these special features included in a 1911 holster owb if you want. All you need to do is search for a good company that produces all this. Give special attention to the reviews. A special gun like 1911 deserves a good holster.

1911 is widely used for everyday carrying, competitions, and hunting. So, to have a perfect holster to carry with you is of necessity when going on these adventures.

The simple design of 1911 along with its perfect reputation is what makes it so popular. Many families have used this gun for generations. Fathers who fought in WWI and WWII have kept it with themselves to remember how it has served their country and how it was a part of themselves during that time.

The finest guns that are manufactured today are the custom versions of 1911 by big companies. Each of them adds their new features and making it even more efficient for their buyers.

1911 was mainly produced for military use, however, due to its success, it paved its way to the civilian gun market and hit the jackpot. The ease of use is what made it so popular. The companies that are manufacturing it now are improving the already perfect features of the gun, increasing its demand by manifolds.

 Even though the military uses a lot more evolved and newer versions of guns, 1911 is still in demand in the civilian market and so is the demand for a perfect holster for it.



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