Coliving: A Revolutionary Way Of Life         


Living in a community summarizes the idea of ​​a new social trend known as ColivingIts adherents are young, new professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs passionate about technology and the digital world.

Precisely, it is the concepts of technological innovation, the collaborative economy, and sustainable development that continue to transform our culture and pace of life.

First, it was with the philosophy of coworking (co-work) that invited to share workspaces with other professionals and employees of various companies, usually startups. Now the tendency, among millennials is also to share private and social environments; The place where they live. 

What Is Coliving

The co-living originated in Silicon Valley as an evolution of the roommates, initially, it is based on sharing a house, where the common areas are the most important, as they become the meeting places to meet and exchange life experiences.

An idea that captures the current generation of entrepreneurs and professionals who value what they live more than what they own. These types of profiles seek to create collaborative communities in which they can grow not only professionally but also in their aspect.

Benefits Of This New Trend

The co-living spaces at are generally furnished and are usually equipped with a games room, TV room, dining rooms, communal laundry, gym, and study to work. Of course, the internet connection is vital, since the idea is to work in the same place where you live.

Another advantage is that the purchase of appliances or furniture (if furnished) is discarded. In addition, the minimum stay period can range from one month to six months, as preferred, henceforth what the user decides.

On the other hand, the price depends on the services you wish to take. You can choose between cleaning, parking, food, etc.

If you consider that the most important thing is your network of contacts to learn, have fun, and do business, you will surely love the experience of coliving. Learn more about coliving in this page.

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