Comparison of the basic Medigap plans of F, N, and G


You should know that the major or original Medicare parts of A, B, C, and D will not only contribute to the medical expenses of the elderly. There are some subordinate plans named supplementary plans to pay for some missed payments of the original program. Some of these plans are plan G, N, and F. You can look at the comparison results of Medicare Plan G vs Plan N to choose the best one among the two. Else, you can even compare them with plan F. Let us discuss this comparison in brief.

Comparison of plan G and plan N

Medigap plans of G and N are both popular among the patients. You could not find drastic differences between the benefits and offerings of these plans. However, there are some variations to keep in mind. Let us assume that you compare the two plans and their benefits. You will find the following.

  • Plan N does not give you coverage for the copays and coinsurances charged for your visits to medical centers to meet the doctor. So, you would have to pay an amount whenever you go out even if you are paying monthly premiums already. You need not do this with a G plan.
  • You will not only pay the predefined costs like deductibles but will also end up paying some unknown costs whenever you deal with any kind of Medicare plan. As it may be a surprise for your insurer also, they will ask you to cover those costs with your money. Hence, you will be in trouble if you have fixed your budget depending on the predefined costs. But plan G will help you in covering this and Plan N will not do so.
  • Plan G and Plan N, both, will not cover the cost of part B deductible and you should pay this in both cases.
  • Plan N will be suitable if you do not visit a medical center or do not want frequent medical assistance.
  • Plan G will suit you the best if you are a regular visitor to medical centers.
  • Plan G will charge you a bit high in terms of the monthly premium.
  • Plan F will not charge you high in premium but will ask you to pay some extra charges.

Comparison of plan F and plan G

Although it is rare for patients to go for plan F in recent times, you can try if you are eligible to do so. However, you should compare the plans F and G before finalizing anyone. Plan F’s premium is considered the costliest in all plans. However, you need not pay a penny other than this premium once you opt to plan F. There will be no copay, no coinsurance, and no deductible. You will not pay deductibles for both part A and part B. Hence, you can consider choosing between plans F and G after going through the following facts.

  • Plan F will cost you heavily if you do not go to hospitals frequently.
  • Plan G will have some additional out-of-pocket costs.

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