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We love our furry friends. They are there for us unconditionally, giving us their love and loyalty. But even with that level of dedication, they may not be the best listeners in the world. Following directions is important for a pet and those that don’t can create a real issue with their owners.

This is why training can be such a vital tool for both owners and their pups. When a dog listens more effectively, there is less stress and friction between the two. Not only that, but the bond between them can be that much more effective as well.

Dog Obedience

The first step in dog training is to choose the right kind of training. Not every dog is the same and using a universal type of training may not deliver the best results. No matter the breed, any dog can be trained no matter how young or old.

It all starts with working with an obedience specialist. These specialists have the skills and experience to take any dog of any breed and train them to listen and become obedient. It is about bringing out the best behaviour in them and even extending training to your home.

It is also about creating and furthering that bond between pet and owner where respect is the foundation. When the dog knows to look for direction from you, it creates a better relationship on the whole.

Different Levels

Naturally, obedience training comes in different levels. Not every dog needs to be trained from scratch, so there is no need to waste time and money starting from scratch. Thankfully, there are programs available to match your level of training needs.

From two-week obedience training on a lead all the way up to eight weeks of training on a lead, you can find the perfect level of training for your dog. Each program has a distinct timeline that allows dogs to learn and look to their owner.

Time periods can also be extended if the pet is a bit slower to take to the training. Each level of these training programs is meant to take into account the difference in the temperament and behaviour of your dog.

In the end, you are left with a dog that not only follows directions better but looks to you as their leader. When that happens, the bond between pet and owner is strengthened for the better.

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