Etiquettes of Poker in Indonesia: A Guide to Playing Properly


The game of poker has been around for many years and is very popular all over the world. Many variations can be played with different rules, but most games share a few common traits. This article will discuss some etiquette that should be followed when playing poker in Indonesia to ensure you play properly and don’t offend the other players.

Some Etiquettes you should follow while playing Poker:

  1. It is important to honor your word and follow through with what you say. For example, a player should not be allowed to change their mind about a bet after the cards have been dealt without good reason, such as if they feel another player has cheated them or other players.

In this case, it would be acceptable for that person to cancel their hand, but only once play has started, so no one else can take advantage of the situation and cheat by taking bets back from people who are out of the game at this point.

  1. If someone is playing badly, it’s considered bad etiquette to insult them on purpose unless there was an issue like cheating or poor sportsmanship, which calls for harsher language than usual.
  1. When deciding whether or not to call a bet, if someone feels they can only beat the odds by luck, it is considered bad etiquette to fold.
  1. It’s also considered improper etiquette for players out of the game to take money from other players without good reason or permission and could be considered cheating.
  1. Players should not make fun of each other about their bets until all cards have been dealt because one might come back with something better than what had been put down before.
  1. When someone is out of chips, it’s not appropriate to badger them for more money.

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