How PRC Building Services did a wonderful job transforming your factory


It’s time to sit back and relax as the weekend approaches after your first week in the factory since it has been treated to some works. The building is fine structurally, and in a decent part of town for you to collect passing trade at your shop.

However, it was beginning to show its age. You already paid for internal works, as cleanliness and hygiene are a necessity in your food processing plant. The old place is now looking and performing as good as new thanks to you enlisting the services of

  • You knew that the roof was starting to cause concern among your line managers and employees. Fortunately, you were able to get by and manage a couple of areas where leaks were emanating from, but it was time to go for a replacement.
  • Bringing in a company with two decades of experience proved to be a masterstroke, as they carried a professional job with total expertise, starting with a check to see if there was any asbestos contained in the old structure.
  • Asbestos removal and safe clean ups prove no problem to the company that you put your faith in, as they have carried out many jobs in this field, with only certified firms allowed to be involved in the process.
  • Having a metal roof of the highest quality installed will ensure that the factory will be fit to use for years to come, saving money and time needed for subsequent patching up jobs if you had persisted with the old roof.
  • The experienced roofing team carried out the process in such a manner that there was no downtime, which meant that works could continue as normal, and your client base was unaffected as their orders continued to flow.
  • Having such works carried out has led to a boost in morale among your employees, who realise that you care for their welfare and the high standards that you wish to maintain. Customers are likewise impressed with the professionalism shown by both you and your contractors.
  • Best of all for you, was the job was done to budget, with no nasty hidden surprises, and all in accordance with the latest government and industry guidelines.

You are certainly delighted that you called in the expert team from PRC Building Services, who have transformed your factory, carrying out a great job on time and on budget allowing you to continue as normal during the process.

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