Let’s See What Makes Romania a Perfect Holiday Getaway for Your Money


Wild and beautiful nature, vibrant nightlife, long sandy beaches by the sea, mythical castles in Transylvania and low price levels are some pluses. Here you will find out more about the Romanian journey and hopefully book your next holiday even today.

Vibrant Nightlife of Bucharest That Leaves No One Indifferent

The nightlife opportunities are the reason why tens of thousands of impressive bachelor parties in Bucharest happen every week. Romanian capital city is home to the fastest growing and simply impressive party circles that just can’t stop growing. The thing is that foreigners flock into nightlife circles from all sides of the planet in search for top-notch nightlife accompanied with the lowest possible cost at the end. And surprisingly, that is exactly what they get.

All along the Old Town up to the cities outskirts, there are numerous bars and clubs that start to storm live music just as the night falls. With so many places where you can have an unforgettable night its easy to find just the right spot for your taste. Forget about any stereotype that you might have heard about Romanians because they are simply not true.

Residents are heartwarming and more than happy to help you and show you around, so do not hesitate to ask since most of them speak very good English and show a special interest in helping visitors. And, as for the ladies that you will find partying in the evening, well, you will have to see them for yourself to believe but let’s just say that they will give you some interesting moments.

Bucharest Houses the Second Largest Building in the World

In the capital city of Bucharest, one of the major sights is the former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s parliament palace. It’s enormous and spectacular. Ceausescu ruled Romania between 1969 until his execution in connection with the 1989 revolution. He allowed the parliamentary palace to be erected a few years earlier.

The twelve-story building of 340,000 square meters contains 3100 furnished rooms. It is the world’s second-largest administrative building after the Pentagon in the United States and the first heaviest built by human hands.

Shopping in Bucharest

Especially in Bucharest, there is a lot of shopping. The most affordable items include hand-embroidered cloths, wood carvings, bowls, ceramics, and wool products. Even some designer clothes are produced in Romania and they are considerably cheaper than in the rest of Europe. If the price is very low, however, the risk is great that it is a pirate copy so be careful when selecting the souvenir.

Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania

In the mountainous and wooded area of ​​Transylvania in western Romania, there is Count Dracula’s castle. He was the model of the blood-drinking vampire in Bram Stoker’s horror novel “Dracula” from 1897. The Dracula of Reality lived between 1431 and 1476 and was actually prince named Vlad III Dracula. He was not a vampire but unbelievably cruel and liked to lace people on piles. Therefore he was also called Vlad the Impaler. The castle is called Bran and is located high on a cliff outside the medieval town of Brasov in western Romania.

Hiking in the Carpathians

Hiking in the scenic mountain range the Carpathians in central Romania were always one of the most popular treats of Romanian advanture. Here you can find many predators living in natural habitat, not least bears. Tourists are encouraged to walk in groups and talk aloud so that the risk of meeting any bear decreases. Before the hike begins, participants are advised to contact the organization Romanian Mountain Rescue Service, Salvamont, to find out the conditions in the current hiking area.

The Resort of Mamaia

Mamaia, located on a 100-meter strip of land between Lake Sjutghiol and the Black Sea in southern Romania, is the country’s most popular seaside resort with about 60 hotels. At Mamaia, there are several sandy beaches. The longest is eight kilometers, the farther you go north on the beach the more sparse it becomes between the parasol. The resort’s entertainment also belongs to Romania’s best. Hectic clubs and bars are mixed with quieter restaurants all along the Riviera.

Constanta on the Coast

The coastal town of Constanta, a 20-minute bus ride from Mamaia, has an ancient history. There are several Greek and Roman historical monuments preserved. Some can be viewed in a historic museum with its Roman bath.

National Dishes in Romania

In the case of restaurants, the offer in Bucharest is also large. The local Romanian food is of the latter kind. Tochitura, fried meat in strong pepper sauce with mamaliga (a kind of polenta) and a fried egg on top, is a common dish. Like sarmale – Romanian cabbage (wine or cabbage stuff filled with meat and rice).

Danube Delta

Danube Delta consists of a unique maze of canals, rivers, and lakes around the Danube’s outlet at the Black Sea and it is Europe’s third largest delta. There are over 300 different kinds of birds and over 160 different kinds of fish. There is, of course, the opportunity to explore the delta through an organized excursion.

One of the Cheapest and Safest Places in Eastern Europe

Romania is one of Europe’s cheapest countries to tourists in. The price level is roughly half that of European Union standard. Romania is considered a fairly safe destination by the European Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But of course, normal vigilance is required, especially in public places and tourist attractions. Romania is in the EU but not in the Schengen cooperation. You must, therefore, bring your passport when you go there.

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