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Hybrid cloud deployment, advanced networking, comprehensive IT security, infrastructure security and management – The world of digitization has exploded for businesses. Today, businesses have to consider digital transformation on priority, or will be pushed out of the market in no time. Besides competitive advantage, it is also about delivering on customer expectations. CenturyLink technology solutions, in Singapore, offers strategic IT consulting, networking services and support for clients in the country and beyond. As one of the leading managed IT service providers in Asia, CenturyLink has come a long way since its inception.

Delivering the best customer experience

For businesses, the primary goal of digital transformation is to offer quality services to customers and to expand better, and with CenturyLink, the job is easier. The company has delivered extensive projects for enterprises, often within restricted budgets. CenturyLink has dedicated local resources, with extensive experience in Singapore and Asia, which allows them to explore new challenges and work with companies beyond their comfort zone. From MNCs to growing brands, they have worked with clients to offer strategic IT solutions that align with the clients’ business goals.

Assured support and proactive services

When it comes to IT security, CenturyLink remains the foremost authority in the industry. The company not only specializes in basic networking security, but also offers assistance with cloud security and application security. Their cloud and networking solutions are deployed with focus on compliance requirements, and they ensure that their clients have a proactive stance towards cybersecurity. They offer business hour support and resources with local languages, and clients can rely on them for 24×7 monitoring. Beyond their expertise, they also have great service flexibility, so every project is taken independently with solutions that are tailored for exclusive IT needs.

In conclusion

With managed hosting and IT services from CenturyLink, businesses in Singapore can finally have the faith in easy digital transformation, with minimal operational disruptions. CenturyLink remains the only MSP to have such an extensive and diverse range of services, and what makes them a true leader is their experience, which helps in cutting costs and achieving great flexibility with IT infrastructure and frameworks. CenturyLink also has specific assistance for bigger brands and companies with remote teams and multiple locations, so contact their team if you want to gain more insight into their IT and other managed services.

Adopting new technologies and exploring the world of digitization is easier with CenturyLink as your IT partner.

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