Most Common Job Search Mistakes That Needs to Be Avoided


The job market is getting very competitive day by day. It happens sometimes that even perfectionists make mistakes in their job search. This prevents them from getting their dream position. Presenting yourself properly and saying the right thing at the right time, increases the chances of getting your dream job. Being careful during your job search is very useful to get hired.

Following effectiveness, relevance and accuracy prove useful in this endeavor. You need to be aware of what you are writing, saying applying and the way your qualification is mentioned in your resume. Dubreton hires passionate individuals to work at their different facilities which are located in Quebec. This is advantageous for qualified unemployed people

Common Job Search Mistakes

Making A Resume with Too Much Information

Create a resume that shows your abilities to the employer. There is no need to include a long work history to impress him. Even a few seconds are enough to make an impression. The way you present yourself is also a determining factor in this regard.

Excess Information on Your Cover Letter

The employer is not interested to know the personal issues that why you need this job. Keep the cover letter very concise and pay attention to the fact that, why you are the right candidate for this job. Matching your qualification with the job proves useful for you.

Dressing in an Inappropriate Way for the Job interview

Following a proper dress code is very crucial to get the required job. Do not be too overdressed. Wearing a simple formal outfit serves the purpose. It creates a good impression on the hiring manager.

Conveying information in a Wrong Way

It is better to avoid saying irrelevant things during the interview. The focus needs to be on what you can offer to the company rather than why you want the job. You can share the skills that make you a suitable candidate for the job.

Emphasis needs to be laid on making a match between yourself and the job, not on why you want it.

References Are Not Mentioned

It’s very important to prepare a list of references when you go for job interviews. Employees always ask these during the interview process. You can prepare a set of references to give them if they ask the same.

Follow Up Is Not Done

It is very significant to do the follow up after the job interview. Sending an email, a thank you card or even a phone call is a gentle way of showing your gratitude to the employer.


The above-mentioned tips are very helpful to you in the job search process. Considering these small things prove to be useful in convincing the hiring manager, as they are always looking for individuals who fit in their recruitment criteria.

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