Muay Thai, Forget Power, Think Technique


Because Muay Thai is such an explosive, exciting sport, it’s easy to think that it’s all about power and to forget the basics, which most people don’t know anyway. There is some irony there somewhere, anyhow, let’s have it right, when these guys go at it, they bang, each blow is designed to destroy what it makes contact with however, there have been years and years of training behind those blows;

Stop hitting so hard

As the story goes, one day, a very large guy, tattooed from head to toe calmly said one of the wisest things ever heard to one of the younger, really hungry fighters. He said, “Why are you hitting the back so hard and using so much energy? Stop hitting so hard a practice your technique, then the real power will come”. If there is any piece of advice to take on board, other than, hit and don’t get hit, focusing on technique is golden, it’s where everything comes from.

A round of golf anyone?

Some might laugh, but it could be likened to a golf swing, the power isn’t in your arms it’s all about hip movement and co-ordination, it should be the club that has the weight to drive the ball, not your biceps. The same can be said for boxing and more so Muay Thai, especially with the kicks, the power comes from movement and a swift twist of the hips which shouldn’t use much energy to do, the impact though.

Potentially you’re landing a rib breaker and anything else that your shin makes contact with. With the right technique they are quite literally deadly, with the wrong technique, you’ll be swinging into thin air and gassed out quick time!

Take it as far as you want

The great thing about something like Muay Thai Reading is that become part of something, a group of people with similar goals and mindsets, a common purpose for as long as you are there. You don’t have to take it seriously either, although, if you do become good, then you can take it as far as you want.

Inter clubs are a good ‘inbetweener’ when it comes to sparring and having an actual fight, alternatively, if your trainers think you are ready you could go to war and find out what it’s all about, for real. One thing for sure, whichever choices you make, you won’t regret starting to train if the setting feels right for you.

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