The Hong Factory – Best Place To Buy Wholesale Jewelry


There are many places in the world where you can buy wholesale jewelry. You can find various unique designs at pocket-friendly prices. Both online and in-land stores sell wholesale jewelry. You can find every piece of wholesale jewelry you like. One such wholesale jewelry store is The Hong Factory. It came into existence in the year 1971 and got situated in Charoenkrung Rd, Bangkok. The founder of this company includes TuanghongRoipaeng (Mr. Hong) together with his wife, and a gemmologist, Ingon. To set up the company named The Hong Factory was the dream of this newlywed couple, and soon they were able to convert their vision into reality. The Hong Factory became one of the leading wholesale jewelry stores in Bangkok from a small start-up. For forty years, The Hong Factory served its people, and is one of the oldest wholesale jewelry companies in Thailand.

Along with the in-land store, The Hong Factory also works online. You will be able to go through the designs online via their website. The main focus of The Hong Factory is to make the best and unique handcrafted jewelry for their customers.

For the first ten years after the launching of The Hong Factory, the young newlywed couple and their team tried focusing on crafting marcasite silver jewelry designs. These designs got very popular among people from around the world. Sooner, they built many other facilities for showcasing their work. Slowly and steadily, The Hong Factory became the best store for wholesale jewelry in Thailand.

Many other elite handmade pieces of wholesale jewelry got introduced after the crafting of marcasite silver jewelry. These crafted pieces of wholesale jewelry got made by the master jeweler of The Hong Factory, using computers to design CAD jewelry.

From the beginning of the company, the owners of The Hong Factory appointed top-class designers and jewelers of the world. These top-class jewelers, designers, and management teams have been working with them for decades.

Facilities Of The Hong Factory

Along with the top-class designers, jewelers, and management teams, The Hong Factory has been touching the skies of success for decades. Their work got featured in many popular magazines from all over the world. The designs of pieces of jewelry have been attracting people’s attention for a long. Not only the pattern of jewelry, the customer services provided are also famous. Customers get satisfied with the services.

For the promotion to showcasing of their designs, The Hong Factory organizes various fashion shows, events for the people. These shows and events helped The Hong Factory is getting more popular.

If you get interested in buying wholesale jewelry with unique designs and the best facilities, then The Hong Factory is best for you. You can purchase new and beautiful designs of jewelry. If you have any questions regarding jewelry design or buying options, you can connect to them via their mail or contact details. Customer support is active 24/7 to help their customers. You can also pay them via cash or any international card. If you find any difficulty while paying, they will help you with their best to solve your problem.

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