This is how you can become good at gaming:


Becoming a master of something takes a lot of time. It requires you to be patient and have the passion that will keep you going even after losing thousands of time. An experienced gamer is someone who knows his or her game in and out. There is no way that you can trap that person is his own game. That person must have put in thousands of hours to be a master of it. Developing such skills not only requires you to be dedicated but also demands a gaming rig that can run that game smoothly. If your game is lagging, then that will definitely hinder your performance. Everything right from your graphics card to your mouse and keyboard must be of good quality. Then the only thing which will be left to focus on for you is your skills. If at any point you feel burn out, then there is no point to keep going on with the game. Just turn off your computer and take a break until you feel relaxed.

On what you should focus while upgrading your gear:

It is generally a good idea to build your own custom gaming rig. In this way, you can have the full control over the performance. A custom build also costs less than the pre build setups sold by most websites. Focus on a good PSU that can provide ample amount of power to your system. A gold plated PSU is generally the best if your budget allows. Invest in a graphics card that will not run out of memory on playing games on ultra high settings.

You might not become a master but can still be good at a game:

Not everyone has the exceptional skills at gaming. Some people just remain a decent gamer, but can’t become a master. For such people, there is elo boost which allows them an opportunity to be at the same level as other professional gamers.

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