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Betting on horses should not be all about making money; it can be that you want to make some money. Even when you make some small wager at ambbet, on the race’s outcome, it makes the whole thing more interesting.  That could be the main reason why people end up betting on horses when the go for those horse racing meetings.

Some people are reluctant on horse racing betting as they tend to think that it is not very easy, but in a real sense, it is straightforward.  Though there are various wagers that you can utilize, there is no need to ensure that you understand all of them for you to bet on a race. But it helps to understand different ways you can bet on horse racing.

Fixed odd betting

It refers to placing wagers at an agreed odd with the bookmaker. You will need to make your selection like the horse that you think is going to win a certain race, and the bookmaker will give you the odds for that particular horse.

You will pay your stake, and in case your prediction turns out to be correct, then you will be able to get paid on a combination of what the odd you got and the amount that you staked. If the selection you are is not correct, the original stake is kept by the bookmaker.

Torte or pari-mutuel betting

It is different from fixed odd betting. You will need to make your selection, in the same way, like with the fixed odd betting but with no odds involved, and your betting will not be against a bookmaker.

When you place your bet, it goes into a pool of that particular race. When the race is completed, what is in the pool is divided amongst all the bettors that placed their bet on the winning horse as per their stake.

There are three factors that will determine how much you will win: the total which was staked on that race, how much you staked, and the number of people who placed a wager that won. You have to remember that each pool’s percentage is retained by the company which is involved.

Exchange betting

It is the newest way of betting on horse races.  It happens because of the availability of online betting, which continues to grow. It is a peer to peer betting where wagers are placed with other bettors instead of with the bookmaker.

The main aim is to choose own selection, set specific odds and then you stake that you want and your wager will automatically be matched with someone who wishes the opposite of what you want to. One advantage that this type of betting has is that you have the opportunity to choose the horse you want to lay in a certain race. When you pick a horse to lay, you denote that, that horse will not win, a thing that is easier to get correctly other than deciding on a horse that will win.

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